Know Someone Who Could Use a Little More Zen in His or Her Life?

Rocks In Box is a Unique Affordable Gift for Anyone

Perfect for a birthday present. Something special for Valentine's Day. A truly unforgettable Christmas gift.

Whether you are searching to find a memorable gift for a special someone or just want to treat yourself to an attractive and affordable piece of home decoration, you can instantly create a more calming and peaceful Zen-like environment in an office, bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen with Rocks In Box natural stone art.

If you're looking for something to add the Mountain aspect of Feng Shui to your interior design, consider a Rocks In Box stone stack.

If you want something simple yet artistic to give your garden a distinctive feel, try adding a Rocks In Box natural sculpture.

In countries and cultures around the world—from the Scottish highlands to the Arctic of the Inuit, from the stone mounds of the Native Americans to the stupas of Tibet—stone cairns have served as directional or summit markers in places as diverse as North Africa, the Mediterranean island of Corsica, and Scandinavia (where they are used as sea marks to guide sailors). Hikers throughout the world recognize these stone stacks along trails marking cross-country routes in mountain regions above the treeline. Because they so often point the way home, they represent safety, hope, and friendship.

Rocks In Box captures the beauty and meaning of these specially balanced cairns, and brings them into your home or business with our attractive and sturdy stone sculptures.

All our stones are hand selected and held together securely to create a beautiful and lasting piece of natural art. No two stacks are ever alike, and you add your own creative touch by arranging your stones as you choose.

Many of our customers started with a simple single stack. After admiring the river washed stones magically balancing on their desks, countertops, side tables, mantles and coffee tables, they came back for a different, perhaps larger stack. Then their friends wanted to know where they got such an interesting objet d'art . And the word has continued to spread organically, simply, fluidly—much like the whisper of the mountain streams that originally formed these unique stones.

Rocks In Box is a unique product that inspires those feelings we all long for in our busy lives. A moment to pause and reflect on nature's beauty and mystery. Simple. Serene. Tranquil. Peaceful. Relaxing.